- "Lisa is fun, smart...and full of practical suggestions!"

- "Life-changing! Invaluable!" 

- "It was like reading 5 books in one hour."

- "So many practical approaches to talking to your kids about their bodies."

- "She was outstanding!"

-- "Thank you so much for another incredibly powerful, important and eye-opening workshop."

-- "Lisa Osherow's talk was the best thing I've ever attended at Riverdale.  Life changing!  I'm able to not react with judgement."

-- She’s back by popular demand! Last spring, Lisa Osherow, talked to a group of US parents and enlightened us on challenges that our teenagers face. Everyone in the audience agreed that more of our parent (including the MS) community would be interested in her observations and teachings. So we asked her to come back!

"We want to thank tonight's presenter, Lisa Osherow, for coming and giving of her time to bring so much knowledge, engagement and liveliness. Her openness and knowledge was very powerful and inspirational and we had a lot to learn from her!"

"Lisa's central message that as adults and as parents we have the responsibility to be open and honest with our children and we very much believe in her philosophy and would love to continue an open dialogue around consent and what it means to talk about sexuality in our world." -- Arnon Lieber, Brooklyn Knowledge Smorgasbord

By Hilari Graff, The Rivertowns Enterprise

"Where should our kids learn about sexuality and healthy relationships?  From kids on the playground? The Internet? Or from their parents?  I strongly believe parents need to teach kids the facts and their personal values and can't just wait for kids to ask us questions." -- Lisa Osherow TEDxTarrytownWomen 

Lisa recently participated in the TEDxTarrytownWomen event I helped to organize. Her TEDx talk was titled "Consent Culture Starts with Talking to Kids about Sex." Lisa is passionate and driven. Whether she is lecturing to a group, facilitating a workshop, participating in a discussion group of teens, tweens, or parents, or speaking one-on-one with an individual, Lisa is committed to empowering every person to be comfortable in his/her/their own skin. I always come away from a discussion with Lisa with useful information and a new way to looking at sex and sexuality! -- Melissa Baer, Organizer of TEDxTarrytownWomen

"I wanted to tell you how much my daughter enjoyed your talk in her health class. She was very excited to share what she'd learned with me, and she was proud to say that she always pays her friends compliments!"  -- parent of DFMS

"The Dobbs Ferry PTSA would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to Lisa Osherow - Health and Sexuality Educator for conducting PTSA-sponsored seminars at our middle school to discuss body image and the role of the media. Ms. Osherow is a health and sexuality educator whose mission is to empower parents and children to make healthier choices. Through a series of videos, interactive tools and open conversation, Ms. Osherow skillfully lead each session to delve into the impacts that the media has had on body image. She also reflected on the importance of paying compliments as a way of telling each other that other qualities are more valuable than the fictional image of a perfect person/body. We appreciate that she took the time to reach all of our Middle School students."  -- Shannon Johnson PTSA President

people are talking About Lisa O

Please talk about sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll

An article by Mark Smith, Columnist, Grand Haven Tribune

I write a “dad’s wisdom” letter to my adult children in December of every year. This is my letter to them this year.

“The greatest impact on delaying the onset of sexual activity, and reducing drugs and alcohol (use), is the number of words spoken at the dinner table!” – Lisa Osherow

What did you like best or find most useful?

• “The entire thing! This was one of the best webinars I’ve ever been to. I could have listened to a whole week seminar about this topic. The speaker was amazing and engaging. I will definitely contact her to see her again!”
• “The suggested activities Lisa had were really tangible! Her lived experience and examples of teaching were helpful too. It is clear she is an expert in this field.”
• “I liked that she covered a wide spectrum of ages when applying the material. I also really liked the videos.”
• “Self-touch/pleasure is rarely included in curriculums (thereby creating a stigma), so it stood out to me that Lisa spoke on the importance of teaching proper anatomy and encouraging students to explore and learn about their bodies."

Your children are living in different a world than the one in which you grew up.  They have access to information, images, and substances you never imagined at their age-- and maybe you can’t imagine at your age.  Don’t be overwhelmed by it!  Don’t ignore it!  Health and Sexuality Educator, Lisa Osherow has created a program, aligned with the Dobbs Ferry Middle School’s health curriculum, to help you support your child’s learning and growth during this challenging time.

"I have started puberty. My breasts have started to grow and I have to wear a bra. I get afraid that some kid will see the strap. But this helped. Knowing that it happens to everyone and it is happening to others now. Thank you!!" - 4th Grader

"For me, I think that puberty already started. I got my period earlier this year and I have already started developing some puberty symptoms. I was wondering if it's normal that I didn't get my period this month. I really appreciate that you are teaching us about this in such an enthusiastic way!" - 4th Grader


"After the private session you had with my daughter, we were able to talk about sex and contraception.  That was great!  Thank you for facilitating easy conversations!"


By Kelsiann Helsley

Teaching about Consent

to Adolescent Health professionals 

Learn with Lisa O

Health and sexuality Education